Fair Cut

Faircut is a unique geometric puzzle game, where geometric figures need to be cut into identical pieces. Test your geometric imagination and cut over 200 unique figures:

  • More than 200 puzzles in over 10 episodes
  • Regular updates with additional levels
  • Interactive tips
  • Intuitive controls
  • Pure Geometry perfection

Simply cut the figure into even pieces, how hard can it be?
Or can it?

Слайд 1

Smart engine for autodifficulty based on your skills

Слайд 2

Simple and absolutely engaging gameplay

Слайд 3

Smart engine for autodifficulty based on your skills


About us

Our mission: create and promote apps that teach creative problem solving, math and science in an inspiring and lively fashion.

We are four programmers coming from different backgrounds with a common desire to gamify basic science and math education who teamed up with a great gameplay designer and a brilliant methodologist specializing in gamification of learning and extracurricular maths for school-aged children.

FairCut is our pilot project.

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